Welcome to Life Ministry 

Life Ministry is a growing group of real people uniting together in Troy, Ohio, to love Jesus, build new relationships, and improve our community.

Our Mission

We are living in troubling times. All around us, people and communities are desperately seeking the answers to life’s problems. In John 10:10 Jesus said that He came so you would have life to it’s fullest potential. Our mission at Life Ministry is to see everyone experience the endless possibilities of following Christ.

 Our Vision

Our vision at Life Ministry is to be a dynamic, Spirit-filled, passionate in worship, doctrinally sound, and continual life giving church:

  • We exist so people far from God can experience the endless possibilities of following Christ.
  • We see Life Ministry growing into multi cultural church.
  • We are a church that helps families become balanced.
  • We are focusing on what is important to God.
  • We teach obedience to the Great Commandment and Great Commission.
  • We have seen growth by a five-fold balance:
    1. Worship
    2. Word
    3. Service
    4. Evangelism
    5. Fellowship